I am your Weddingplaner if you want to get married in Denmark!

Margrith Meyer – AERO – 5970 Aerosköbinng;
Tel. +45-519 465 63 – Mobil: +49-17672133607


Marriage ceremonies are performed in the Registry marriage rooms between the hours of 9.00  am – 12 pm,Monday to Friday.


Should you decide to choose  the Mill for your wedding ceremony, we offer the following particularities…


A Ferry is a perfect location for a memorable wedding. Some Ferries allow you to marry at the sea, others require marriage ashore.


We are happy to arrange your beach wedding at any location you like. Your wedding vows is a personal choice and we help to make your day unforgettable


Why not make your wedding day really special and hold your ceremony in a unique setting by the sea, here at the lighthouse? It is situated 32 m above sea level every 30 seconds a flashing sign.


For your wedding preparations, we provide you our advice and assistance. Close your eyes and enjoy your special day …


You are planning your wedding and looking for something extraordinary? Celebrate this special event on board our aircraft. Your wedding will be remembered as a very special day and unique experience with us.


Looking for a creative wedding? Then here, select the desired services & create your own wedding package.